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Wednesday, June 10

Make Money from adf.ly

This posting will discuss about the bees of dollars (why of dollars, not honey ????). The program is called adf.ly, for you who are interested in this program please read more ...

How it works on this program that is quite easy to shorten a long link into a short link like tinyurl and linkpayer or cool its term Url Shortening. Url of our short-form can be an url such as the download link, or post links and news links other to ease someone distributing the link.

Services usually cut the link does not provide any reward for those who use it. But now there is a new breakthrough, namely adf.ly that provides an opportunity for bloggers like me to get a dime ($), as ziddu or kewlshare offering $ 0001 per download. adf.ly also provides $ 0001 per link (even more depending on the address that you have clicked on a link in via adf.ly generate), but as its more comfortable adf.ly matter if its ziddu or kewlshare are calculated based on a successful download.

If you have a website or blog about downloading music, software, and other things that many people around then sought $ 0,001 can be $$$$. Moreover, if a referral to a lot of cool bro. What each referral you will get 20% of the revenue they get. So join it here !!!!!

If earning already reached $ 20 can be taken through paypal, do not forget, if not yet verified paypal please first verify it, the more its cool again this program has been not SCAM!Get it adf.ly list to get a dime on the internet through long strike url here (You can clicked the link, which would like to join me on a referral or visit the link below to which you do not want to join!) Just is not ....
Hopefully well.


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