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Tuesday, October 26

herrysaputra.wordpress.com | Suspended

Before that, I apologize to fellow bloggers, because the two are not updated my blog, it's known me only a small staff busy making money for a bite of rice ... (excessive ... !!!). And finally after a long period, especially in the wordpress blog update, my blog was suspended and can not be in the back again! Maybe it is my fate, and also probably my fault, because blogs are used for review (look for spare change) ....

Contrition is coming later! Before that, I say thank you very much to fellow bloggers who faithfully visit my blog at WP, and I apologize if you have not had time to give back to the blog visit colleagues. Finally my blog is here to stay I will switch back to accommodate a post that may seem trivial, but I hope to be useful for colleagues all .... Amen ....

Image : http://www.sitcom.at/images/suspend.gif

Hopefully well. Copyright by Rychan. herrysaputra.wordpress.com | Suspended


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