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Tuesday, February 1

Best PTC Indonesia 2 | Make Money Online

This post discusses the site reliable PTC Indonesia. The following is one of the many PTC Indonesia that I recommend. PTC is also similar to other PTC, which is paid each time you click on the ads displayed, the value per click starting from $ 0.001 to $ 0.01. Hurry to join and feel the sensation to get dollars easily. Please join by clicking the image below...

1. SentraClix


In SentraClix, you get paid just by visiting our sponsors websites. Some of our goal is to innovate and meet the needs of our members and sponsors. SentraClix we have designed in earnest from the beginning because we want to emphasize our goal of providing new business solutions for members and sponsors.
As a member you can do your income withdrawal at least Rp. 20,000 and we use the services of the Bank BCA, BNI and Mandiri.

The advantage that you get as a member :
  1. Income up to Rp. 200 per click
  2. Income up to Rp. 100 per referral click
All calculations of your income in SentraClix you can see in detail in the pages of Accounts.

2. VistaClix

In Vistaclix, you get paid simply by browsing the ads from our sponsors. Request payment of at least Rp. 20.000 can be made every day and will be processed through the BCA, Mandiri and BNI.

The advantage that you get as a member :
  1. Income up to Rp. 100 per click
  2. Income up to Rp. 50 per referral click
Detailed and complete statistical record of clicks you have done, earnings, and even the activity and number of clicks your referrals do the complete recorded.

3. KlikAjaDeh

In KlikAjaDeh you will be paid only to click and view advertisements from our sponsors.

By becoming a MEMBER, you will get :
  1. Paid Up to USD 300, - for each click on the ads displayed for 30 seconds.
  2. Paid Up to $ 150, - for each click the ad from your referrals.
  3. Up to 5% commission for every purchase made your direct referrals.
  4. Your status information can easily be seen, such as the number of clicks, your balance, even the number of clicks and your referrals activity.
  5. Payment Request Instantly!
Revenue assumptions :
  • If you click 10 ads per day, and have 100 referrals, which they click 10 ads per day as well, then you will get Rp 18,615,000, - per-year
Hopefully well. Copyright by Rychan. Best PTC Indonesia 2 | Make Money Online


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Please give payment proof from your ptc list..
Visit back please..!

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