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Tuesday, June 30

2 Easy Steps Create ZIP Archives in Mac OS X

Possible for you to use the Windows operating system, it is easy to create a ZIP Archives! But how do you use the operating system Mac OS X? Of course it is difficult. Therefore, I will discuss how to create ZIP Archives with 2 easy steps.

You can create a ZIP archive file from one or more items using the Finder or the command-line tool post. By default, create a ZIP archive file using the method will not delete the original documents you have selected for the archive. Next step :

Creating ZIP Archives Using the Finder

To create a ZIP archive files in the Finder :
  1. In the Finder, select the items you want to archive. You can press the Shift key to quickly select contiguous list of items, or pressing the button to quickly select noncontiguous items. Put all items in one folder, then compress the folder rather than selecting a few items.
  2. Select File > Items compress, Items on the menu words will be replaced with the name of the item you've selected (if you select only one item) or the number of items that have been selected (if you select multiple items).
This process will take more than a few seconds, the Finder will show the progress dialog with the estimated time needed to complete the task of compression. You can also choose to cancel the archives by clicking the small X button on the far right. Once the process is complete, you will find the ZIP archive is in the exact location of your original item laying.

Now compare the size of the files that have not been in the ZIP with the already in the ZIP. So the size will be much different. Files that are in the ZIP decreasing the size of about 50% of the original file.

Creating ZIP Archives Using the Command Line

Mac OS X includes several command-line utility that can create a ZIP archive file, including tar, coffee, and the gzip command. However, only with the command tar (short for "tape archive"), which is built in to Mac OS X v10.5, correct all the archive files Mac OS Extended elements. This is because the first tar command to create a tape archive items and then filters it through the gzip compression. Unfortunately, the use of tar to create a ZIP archive does not create a file that is compatible with all third-party system. In practice, though, one of several reasons that will select the ZIP archive format for Deployment is to a third party compatibility. Thus, from the command line, you must use the zip command to create a standard ZIP file that is compatible with nearly all third-party system.

The syntax for compressing files and folders that zip-r followed by the path to the file including the newly created archive. Zip extension, then the path (s) to the item (s) or folder (s) you want to archive. How?, is easy. For more information please visit the Create ZIP Archives in Mac OS X.

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