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Tuesday, December 29

Download HJ-Split v2.4

Post this time to discuss about software that allows you to split or divide (split) a large file into pieces small. Usefulness of this software is almost similar to WinRar, but much faster when compared with the WinRar software.

Because this software is often used for the diligent you download like me, then I am worthy of posting this article because this software uses very useful. You'll never find a file download with extension .001, .002, .003, etc.. Well this is a useful software to open (join) the file


HJ-Split is a program to split a large file into small parts in a time much faster than do the Split Rar. HJ-Split where this can also be used to restore or combine them as before.

For you who want to download this software (shape file rar, size 335 kb) please click on the download link below:
Hopefully well.


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